The Time to Hire a Media Buying Agency is Now

By Patti Harrison

The change in how we consume media has literally provided us marketers with endless opportunities to reach consumers, making the role of media planners and buyers central to shaping a brand.  Choosing which communication methods to use should be pivotal in driving strategy as we move forward in our consumer centric universe.

With all the complexities of media selection, the relevancy of using an agency that specializes in placing media has never been greater. It takes a dedicated team that is managing media full time to stay up to speed on its rapid paced evolution.  It takes platform agnostic team that can provide the necessary checks and balances.

National Media Consultant, David Angell sums up the necessary qualities to look for when securing a Media Buying Agency.

  1. Consultative. You want an agency of thought-leaders, educators, confidants and sounding boards, people who have the right balance of a focus on the reality of now and a focus on future possibilities.
  2. Compliant. You want an agency with a clear structure, and which demonstrates clarity and flexibility in its dealings with you, an agency that’s willing to stand up and be counted on their own performance and their contribution to yours. You also want an agency that’s prepared to help drive best practice in the industry to which they belong.
  3. Commercial. You want an agency that can handle itself, that trades with the right balance of confidence, assertive power and knowledge. You want an agency that can get the job done when the rubber hits the road. You want an agency that is not the cheapest but is the best you can buy into – and which buys into you.
  4. Collaborative. You want an agency that’s adaptable enough to thread itself through your organization across all touch points, and those of your other agency suppliers, with the appropriate amount of grace, care and conviction.

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